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Help us open up a coffee shop! Learn why & donate here.

Our coffee shop will create a culture of acceptance, education, inclusion, advocacy and opportunity, while empowering others to do the same. We will break the expectation that a good cause comes with a lack of quality, while preserving Denver’s craft coffee culture. Stay tuned for our coffee shop opening in 2017!

About Us

Dirt is a non-profit coffee truck, based out of Denver, with a mission to train and employ young adults affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. Founded in 2013, Dirt Coffee strives to change perspectives in hopes for a more sustainable future for individuals along the spectrum. We proudly serve locally roasted, organic and fairly traded coffee and espresso. Check out our calendar to see where we’re at and come grab a perfectly brewed cup of Dirt while supporting this great cause! Stay tuned for our coffee shop opening in 2017!